Benefits of Chair Massage

Here are some of the great ways it can help your employees:

  • Increases employee happiness and productivity

  • Relieves tension and relaxes muscles

  • Improves alertness and focus

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Reduces anxiety and decreases depression

  • Relieves headaches

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increases Immune Functions

  • And much more!

Onsite and Chair Massage Services

Chair massage is a great way to get relief from pain or stress even when you can't get out of the office or you're not able to leave your home. Let us bring massage to your location! We can bring the equipment and Licensed Massage Therapists to you.

Company Chair Massage Events

Offering Mobile Massages in Boston’s South Shore

Balance N’ Bodywork offers chair massage for every type of party or event. Great for more than just the office lunch break or corporate meeting, schedule a chair massage for appreciation days, health and wellness fairs, monthly birthday party celebrations or even private events!

Our office massage services help reduce employee stress, control blood pressure, boost immunity, and improves blood circulation — all benefits that your staff can appreciate. These services benefit both the employees and employer by relieving stress which in turn increases productivity, happiness and job effectiveness.

Does your office need a boost? Offer chair massage to your staff once a month and watch productivity and job satisfaction soar!

Our typical packages allow for 10-minutes to 15-minutes of massage per person. But we're prepared to be as flexible as we need to be to meet your specific needs. We'd love to talk with you about your event, so use the form below to request a quote.


*All requests should be submitted a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled event.  Thank you.

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Address of Event
We calculate the number of therapists required based on the number of guests we will be massaging.
Additional Services

What You'll Get:

  • Licensed & insured massage therapists

  • Professional massage chair

  • Relaxing music (optional)

  • Aromatherapy (optional) 


We prefer office massages are done in private areas away from other employees.  Our massage therapists work with your staff to designate a quiet office or conference room and prepare the massage setting there.  We can usually accommodate any requests in this regard to make you and your employees feel comfortable.