The Balance N’ Bodywork Team

Each BNB therapist is personally interviewed and screened and has at least 500 hours of training or more in a range of massage techniques.

They are fully licensed and covered by professional liability insurance.


JEN DESMOND, Owner / Massage Therapist

Jen went to Lasell College to become a Physical Therapy Assistant and continued her studies at Muscular Therapy Institute focusing her work on Muscular Therapy. She has continued to focus her work on the muscular therapy. “My studio is not a spa,” states Jen emphatically. “It truly is a therapeutic treatment with the focus on relieving pain so that the client can get back their quality of life. This therapy is a necessity, not a luxury.”

When a client comes to her studio Jen can see the pain they are experiencing and she is confident that she can work with a client not just through the muscular therapy but also through educating them on self-care techniques and stretching exercises they can do at home. “Our most common pain complaints usually focus around the lower back, neck, and shoulder area. I also treat a lot of elbow pain, TMJ, and migraines,” says Jen. “It is common for clients to come in who have been in pain for weeks, months and even years. They are referred to me by doctors and physical therapists.” Jen takes great joy in seeing her clients return to normal activities and be relieved of their pain. “I have the best relationship with my clients, I care about their health not just when they are here for massage therapy but beyond, in their daily lives.”


I have been a client of Jen’s for 10 years. Her physical therapist assistant background and continuing training help her deliver an incredibly beneficial therapeutic massage. She has a caring and professional approach. With her help, I’ve been able to navigate some chronic physical issues and aging with far less pain.
— Julia P.


KATIE KEANEY, Massage Therapist

Katie graduated from the Elizabeth Grady School of Massage in 2013. An intensive 750 hours of training as a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and relaxation massage. Her nurturing personality and love of helping people led Katie to a career in massage therapy.

Katie has expanded her knowledge of massage by taking continuing education courses. She has also volunteered for the Boston Marathon giving massage to the runners.

In addition to massage therapy Katie has a background in human services, along with 20 years of professional experience in higher education administration and customer service. Katie uses her practical knowledge and training to create a massage designed for the specific needs of her clients.

Katie is available in the office for massage appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

I’m not a massage person but after my massage, my aching back was 100 times better. I’m going back!
— Susan S.


BRIGITTE COLLINS, Massage Therapist

Brigitte, studied at Massage Institute of New England a 630 hours intensive training program. She studied Neuromuscular Therapy and Russian medical massage. Brigitte was inspired by her Dad who was a physical education teacher and coach, who then became a massage therapist to help his athletes.

Brigitte is available on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Amazing place. Great therapists. I always leave feeling so much better. Highly recommend.
— Chrissy R.


ALLYSON NOLAN, Reflexology Therapist

Allyson graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute 900 hour intensive training program in 2000. She specialized in deep tissue and injury work. In 2003 she expanded her training in Universal Reflexology at the New England Institute of Reflexology and Universal Studies. Allyson has a passion for helping clients on their path to wellness. Her sessions promote relaxation, provide tension relief, restore balance and create a sense of well being.

Allyson is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.